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Frequently Asked Questions


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 01  Do I need to use a safety consultant?

Every employer in the UK with 5 or more employees is required to appoint at least one Competent Health and Safety person to assist them in their legal obligations under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999. This could be an internal Safety Manager or an external consultant who provide support.



 02  What are RAMS?

RAMS is an abbreviation for Risk Assessment and Method Statement. These are safety documents used to identify, assess and manage risks. It also describe how an activity will be performed safely considering these risks (not necessarily how to do the task itself). Typically RAMS are requested when you are working on sites or business locations so the host know how you will do the work safely.

Risk assessments and safe methods of work are a legal obligation for all companies in the UK, if you have more than 5 employees these must be recorded. Even if you have less than 5 employees, its still good practice to make these records to protect your employees and your company.



 03  What is a competent person?

Competency is a mixture of training, skills, experience and knowledge. A competent person with regards to Health and Safety will vary depending on the level of risk, however it is essential that you ensure the person you use is trained and has experience relevant to your industry / risk level. 



 04  How do I check if someone is competent? 

Ask to see their qualifications and accreditations. They may be a member of IOSH, see the membership levels here. 




 05  What level of IOSH membership are LESH consultants?

LESH use Chartered Members of IOSH - CMIOSH

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