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HSE Statistics 2023/4

The key takeaways from this document are:

  • Construction industry remains to be the leader in workplace fatalities with 51 throughout the period. This is more than double the next industry of agriculture, forestry and fishing which came in at 23 fatalities

  • Male workers continue to account for the vast majority of fatal injuries, with 95% of fatality injured workers in 2023/4 being men.

  • Deaths to workers aged over 60 continue to account for a substantial proportion of the total - 34 in 2023/4.

  • The most common kinds of fatal accidents to workers continue as falls from height, struck by moving vehicle and struck by moving object. Between them accounting for 70% of fatal injuries to workers in 2023/4.

  • 87 members of the public were killed in work-related accidents in 2023/4.

These statistics are a reminder that there is still lots of work to do, lots of mindsets to shift and lots of people and families to save from these life changing events. 138 families destroyed.

Read the full report below:

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